Labor Reform Movement: July 16, 2012

What Price Will Persuade Manufacturing Firms
To Bring Back 6 Million Good Jobs to the U.S.?

By Harry Kelber

In the past decade, 50,000 manufacturing sites in the United States closed their doors and 6 million Americans lost their jobs. Why? Because U.S. companies were outsourcing those jobs to low-wage countries that also offered them tax breaks and freedom from “labor trouble.”

Since the 1990s, our government has given profiteering companies a free hand to outsource and outshore hundreds of thousands of good-paying American jobs. It has even encouraged the practice of outsourcing by treaties like the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) since the early 1990s.

You won’t believe this: The companies that were outsourcing jobs to places like China and India were continuing to receive tax breaks, and allowing them to deduct expenses associated with moving their operations overseas!

The AFL-CIO, which did precious little to stop the outsourcing practice, has now started a “Bring Jobs Home” campaign. It held a rally last week and expects the appropriate legislation (H.R. 5542) to come up in the House for a vote, possibly by next week

What Will Companies Demand for “Bring Jobs Home”?

What is the AFL=CIO and its affiliated unions willing to pay for bringing those overseas jobs back to the United States, assuming that the companies are willing to make a deal?

If there’s a deal in the making, union members should be made aware of the details. We don’t want those behind-closed-doors agreements that turn out to be sellouts.

More than likely, the AFL-CIO is using its “Bring Jobs Home” campaign to cover its failure to get the Obama administration to launch a massive jobs program to cover millions of unemployed people. We can assure union members that American Labor Reformers will watch developments closely and will issue honest reports on what is happening.

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