December 4, 2012

Obama and AFL-CIO Leaders Keep Repeating:
'The Wealthy Should Pay Their Fair Share.'

What's a 'Fair Share' for the Crimes They Committed?

For the past couple of years, I found myself wincing, every time I heard President Obama and AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka repeating their "militant" demand that corporations and wealthy individuals should "pay their fair share," not otherwise defined. Wall Street financiers and investors clearly played a leading role in causing the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Their reckless investments and greedy behavior caused millions of workers to lose their jobs and their homes.

What Do Obama and Trumka Consider a 'Fair Share'?

There should be a reparations fund created to which the nation's major corporations and banks should be forced to contribute for the victims of their profiteering schemes?

Unless we negotiate a specific amount of payment, Corporate America will get a free ride and pay nothing for its criminal role in the economic recession.

* * * * *

AFL-CIO leaders should demand a meeting with top corporations and banks to negotiate a specific amount of what their "fair share" should be, in light of the enormous "collateral" damages they have caused working families.

Thus far, Trumka and his team have limited their attacks on Wall Street to occasional fiery speeches, nothing else. Trumka has never publicly met with any bankers on negotiating a "fair share" and has shown no interest in pursuing the subject. We wonder what Trumka considers a "fair share."

Anyhow, you may be interested to know that the Wall Street crowd, having escaped financial punishment from either the government or labor, is doing quite well. It is said the banks have a total of some two trillion dollars in their vaults.

Shouldn't some of that money be used as part of a "fair share"?