The American Labor Reform Movement

January 24, 2013

Do Union Members Have A Right to Know
What to Expect from AFL-CIO Candidates?

Why Can't They Debate the Issues That
Are of Deep Concern to Working People?

By Harry Kelber

For decades, AFL-CIO presidents have been elected without having to state where they stand on the issues that affect working people. That is true of the 2009 election, where many of the delegates did not know the candidates whom they voted for.


Delegates from State AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils and local Unions must have the same voting rights as those from International Unions.

Here are some questions they should be answering:

• How do they intend to increase the union membership?

• How do they expect to reduce unemployment?

• What steps will they take to ensure honest elections?

• What can they do to improve the U.S. economy

• How will they inform members about union affairs?

• What are their views on U.S. foreign policy?

Every candidate for high AFL-CIO office, including President Trumka, should be required to discuss these issues to be regarded as a qualified candidate for the AFL-CIO Presidency.

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