AFL-CIO's Dark Past

A 6-Part Series by Harry Kelber

Part 6: Do Solidarity Centerís Covert Operations Help American Labor on Global Problems? - December 13, 2004 Read Column

Part 5: Kirkland Built A Secret Global Empire With U.S. Funds to Control Foreign Labor - December 6, 2004 Read Column

Part 4: U.S. Labor Reps. Conspired to Overthrow Elected Governments in Latin America - November 29, 2004 Read Column

Part 3: AFL-CIO's Dark Past: U.S. Labor Secretly Intervened in Europe - November 22, 2004 Read Column

Part 2: AFL-CIO's Dark Past: AFL is Funded for Covert Activity by CIA- November 15, 2004 Read Column

Part 1: AFL-CIO's Dark Past: Meany Hired Ex-Communist To Run International Affairs - November 8, 2004 Read Column